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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil based Plano B Records, whose emphasis is on fun, music and friends, return with some more musically mouth-watering goodness.

Vkira’s title track is a mind-melting electronica melodic composition, oozing of coolness for sunset moments, with its big bass and soaring synths. ‘Pratigí’ lulls us gently to the dancefloor with its warmth flowing across its blissful soundscape, and restrained beats, a real smile inducer.

On remix duties, we find Knee Deep In Sound and Selador favorite Joal makes his mark. Taking things deeper in his hallmark style, with crisp yet cool and slightly twisted percussion, and utilizing the melodics sparsely, this is a seriously cool rework from the Berlin-based Portuguese producer.

Vkira & Art In Motion‘Lawo’ is up next, as the two production outfits deliver an intense and dramatic sci-fi fuelled melodic dance floor gem. Remix duties of ‘Lawo’ go to Lithuanian producer Few Nolder, famed for his work on Get Physical, Needwant and Connaisseur favorite steps up with a melodious peak time anthem! Watch this monster fly!

Vkira’s ‘Espelho’ is the soundtrack to a luscious dream sequence.

Release Date: September 26th, 2018


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