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“Music works in mysterious ways. The emotions it awakes. The thoughts and reactions it ignites. It is undeniably our universal language. Even if it might come from another perspective there are usually angles in each style where one can connect with another.”

‘We Are Friends’ marks a new chapter in the history of Eddie Niguel’s Integrity Records being it’s first conceptual collection of work. Each release features two artists from the label who have never previously made music together. The two artists contribute one solo production each and end up joining forces for the final track. This piece carries the main message of the EP: it represents what it means to be inspired by and work with someone you admire, capturing the beauty coming out of creativity and friendship. The ‘We Are Friends‘ series are split into three parts, all scheduled for consecutive digital release in 2018.

On this release, Whitesquare opens ‘We Are Friends – Part 1’ with ‘Poise‘, where you hear a thumping kick drum together with synth stabs and a dry urging bassline – an excellent yet reduced track for heading into deeper terrain. Kocleo follows up by delivering the funkiest part of the EP: ‘Reflection‘ consisting of a warm jacking bassline combined with swirling chords and playful elements. In ‘WSKC’ the two producers meet in a darker and deeper segment where fluttering melodies levitates over an offbeat sounding bassline and vocal sample. ‘WSKC’ is an interesting moment, even though a minimalistic composition, it holds unexpected peak time quality for the deeper hours.

The ‘We Are Friends’ series kicks off with this varied three tracker, showing how exciting and authentic results can be established when music is forged out of friendship. The series will continue with collaborations from Dachshund, The Model, David Jackson and label head Eddie Niguel.

Release Date: May 25th, 2018.



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