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Wild Dark are two brothers from New York, that have been causing serious good vibes recently on the circuit with their stunning releases at some of the best labels around (Supernature – Nazca – Anjunadeep). We discovered them in a massive release they had at Truecolors ; Bedouin’s imprint.

For this release we welcome them on Akbal Music with a 2 track EP fill with tribal hypnotic elements and mystic synth-lines and eerie sounds to evolve the tracks into a sweet mystery world. The two tracks are a big example of Wild Dark’s exotic percussive style soulful yet charming song writing to nurture a sophisticated palate of contemporary work that we love in our label.

We are so happy to welcome Corey & Ryan: this true New Yorker´s that are so passionate about music as much as we are.

In the remix side, Marocco´s best import: Amine K delivers a quirky interpretation of the main track of the EP and he remakes the track with some grounding synths creating deeper tension in the break and completing the remix with a perfect arrangement.

This EP has already been road-tested on some of the best dance floors around the world causing some strong impact.

Release Date: May 24 th, 2019


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