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‘Dame tu Amor’, Y.LOH’s new single, captures the haunting beauty of the vast Sonoran Desert. Y.LOH elevates his textured track with a music video shot in his native Northern Mexico. Drawing inspiration from sparse environments, ‘Dame tu Amor’ emanates a blend of eclectic Latin rhythms
with an Electronic downtempo beat.

Written in collaboration with Spanish artist Rey Lobo, ‘Dame tu Amor’ is performed soulfully to spiritually infused lyrics. The piece captures the isolation and mystery of the unending desert. The lyrics, written by Y.LOH, “dame tu amor, dame tu espíritu” translate to “give me your love, give me your spirit”.

Y.LOH draws deeply from his profound connection to the land, using electronic music to express and bring forth the spirit of the desert. An omnipresent force that flows through his music, bringing audiences into atmospheric journey of sights and sound.


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