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Upstart label Radikon stakes its claim with ‘Reto’, a stunning debut compilation showcasing the full range of an exciting young project hailing from Berlin. Featuring 7 tracks by the outfits’ mainstay artists, ‘Reto’ is a
deliberate collection defining the label’s subtle atmosphere and percussive theme.

Munich duo Yubik jumpstart the compilation with a failsafe groover bound to wreak havoc on the dancefloor. A gliding hook gives ‘Eprect’ a hymnal quality, while inventive percussions and pulsating sawtooth stabs create a relentless groove with distinc Upstart label Radikon stakes its claim with ‘Reto’, a distinct martial undertones. Masterfully crafted from a diverse palette of elements, ‘Eprect’ is an instant classic.

Steyoyoke stalwart Dahu’s ‘Primordial’ is just that: Primal and deep, this percussive roller invokes feelings from the dawn of time. Shimmering resonances and bells intertwine in a primeval crescendo while a subheavy kick drives the track home. Effortlessly uplifting, ‘Primordial’ is a stunning addition to Dahu’s discography.

‘Realism’ is a testament to the melodic craftsmanship of Berlin native Tony Casanova. A playful orchestra of synths, pads and LFOs weaves in and out, exhibiting a delicately crafted melodic structure that reinvents itself on every listen, while the tracks’ warm, throbbing bassline will make any dancefloor quake.

Radikon co-founder Jonas Saalbach’s ‘Edgework’ is an exercise in the power of dissonance. Detuned synths brimming with pent-up energy gradually build the tension, while an elegantly crafted groove pushes the track forward. Eerily symphonic, ‘Edgework’ is a character track sure to hit home in clubs around the world.

Moodmusic mainstay Foreign Guest lends his signature touch to Reto with ‘Catch the 101’. Resonant synths and static percussions intertwine in beautifully eclectic fashion, while a pad drenched in analog warmth sets the scene. The most soulful track of the collection, ‘Catch the 101’ is powerfully musical, showcasing the talents of an exciting young producer.

Budakid’s ‘Amalia’ is a hypnotic affair. A captivating staccato hook is the focal point of the Dutch producers stellar contribution. Gradually morphing with shifting layers of bells, resonance and pads, Amalia is a skillful exercise in tension and release, delicately building energy before dropping back into a powerful hypnotic groove.

Rounding off Reto is Radikon co-founder Guzy’s ‘Doloro’. Hauntingly emotional, ‘Doloro’ invokes feelings of days gone by with delicately woven pads and synths. A blissful break drowns the listener in waves of emotion, until the track returns full force with a masterfully engineered groove.

With all the hallmarks of a stunning debut release, ‘Reto’ showcases the subtle atmosphere and percussive drive signature to the label’s genuine sound. The compilation marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Radikon and its artists – we hope you embark on it with us.

Release Date: November 23rd, 2018.


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