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We are super happy to introduce Zone+ to the Akbal Music family, we love his music! For this beautiful EP, Zone+ teams up with Hammed and Hoolz to create an organic journey with a lot of textures, pads, melodies and deep emotions.
Zone+ music is deep grooves mixed with some hypnotic; emotional vibes making the crowd move yet fly through the emotional escapes.
Zone+ – Dj/Producers from Bahrain has released on labels such as All Day I Dream, Underyourskin Records & Sol Selectas. He found his musical direction after playing as a resident in Soundscapes Bahrain and continues his musical escapades.
Hameed – Founding member and Curator to both Soundscapes in Bahrain and Noctuary in Dubai. Considered a rising talent, Hameed has made a name for himself by playing regularly in Bahrain and in Dubai with Plus Minus, and making an appearance for Unleash London.

Hoolz – In the 2000s and after a few years of DJing, Hoolz got into music productions but chose to keep the material to himself. He has originals and remixes on a few labels including Circus Recordings, Gold Drama and Dream Culture.

Release Date: November 2nd, 2018


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