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Simina Grigoriu bridges the heavy and the melodic realms of techno for her inaugural EP on Kuukou Records. An experienced globetrotter, Simina is known for taking great inspiration from her travels, so it comes as no surprise that the name she’s chosen for her own label, Kuukou stands for “airport” in Japanese.

Techno Monkey kicks off proceedings with a hard hitting bassline, setting a compelling audio narrative for the entire track. The melody unfolds by the way of undulating synths as well as grave bells and clangs, peppered with eerie vocals. Ron Flatter reworks the heavy hitter into a more pensive cut, gradually developing a punchy bassline. Accentuating the percussion through timbered claps and whirlwinding synths, Flatter offers a more techhouse flavoured issue of the original.

Ninja Princess provides an exotic sound exploration, setting off all the elements from the get go. We’re emerged into a vibrant melody with a progressive bassline, taking us from luscious vocals to winding synths within a matter of seconds. First ones up for the rework are Austrian electrotech masterminds, Klangkarussell. With a penchant for relentless soundscapes, their reinterpretation of Simina’s track is infused with tribal drums and spacious synth loops. Next up on board is Citizen Kain, taking us on a trip to the dark side of the Ninja Princess. Gloomy kicks set a dark trippy atmosphere, while Citizen Kain strips down most of the track’s elements, resulting in a minimal yet mesmerizing approach. Alfred Heinrichs closes up the release with another minimalist and murky reconstruction. Keeping the subtle melodiousness at bay through harmonic chord arrangements, Heinrichs brings out the late night club appeal of the initial track, making for a perfect dancefloor banger.

Release Date: Jul 8th, 2016


1. Simina Grigoriu – Techno Monkey (Original Mix)
2. Simina Grigoriu – Techno Monkey (Ron Flatter Remix)
3. Simina Grigoriu – Ninja Princess (Original Mix)
4. Simina Grigoriu – Ninja Princess (Klangkarussell Remix)
5. Simina Grigoriu – Ninja Princess (Citizen Kain Remix)
6. Simina Grigoriu – Ninja Princess (Alfred Heinrichs Remix)

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