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Sishi Rösch shares some of his favorite Club tunes

Sishi Rosch is a DJ/Producer from Guatemala who has managed to catch the eyes and ears of some of the most famed leaders in underground music, and releasing on distinguished labels such as One Records, No.19, Exploited and Get Physical.

He’s the latest addition to Heidi’s Jackathon label with the ‘Bad to the Bone’ EP. For the special ocassion we asked him to share some of his favorite Club tunes. Here’s his Top 10!

1. Sishi Rosch – Bad To The Bone (Heidi presents Jackathon Jams)

“This track pretty much sums where I am at at the moment music-wise, straight up ghetto acid house. It’s not often you get to do a track with Chicago house legend Mike Dunn’s vocals, I felt honored when I heard he was ok with it.”

2. Andrea Oliva – Crazy A (Desolat)

“This jam is raw and acid as hell, just how I like them. Huge Groove!”

3. Two Diggers – Stay Home (Organic-Music)

“I love the progression of this jam, always sets the tempo and progresses beautifully. So groovy and deep, and always makes bodies move.”

4. Sishi Rosch – House 5000 (Worx)

“This track has been causing a ruckus all summer long, huge crowd reaction on this one. I tried keeping it as raw as possible and I gotta say I am pretty happy with the outcome, acid house in its rawest form.”

5. Jesse Perez – Twerk Machine (BPitch Control)

“Me and my boy Jesse go back sometime now and I have always been a fan of his music, but this jam right here is right up my alley. Twisted, funky and dope AF!”

6. Shonky – Plombiere (Apollonia)

“This jam just oozes funk. Shonky does an awesome job on this track, twisted and at the same time melodic. Great party track.”

7. Snilloc – Marino Loco (HiFly Music)

“This track always makes a statement, pure power and raw force, I love playing it in the very end of my sets, always leaves an impression.”

8. 12 Stories feat. Digitaria – Bright Lights (Scurrilous Remix) (VIVa MuSiC)

“I’m a big fan of these Manchester boys, so much I had to sign them to my label. This track has such an awesome groove and always gets the party started.”

9. Sishi Rosch – Hip Houz (Raw Rhythms Limited)

“I released this track a while ago on my newest label Raw Rhythms Limited and it has been doing the business ever since. This jam brings a lot of energy to the dance-floor and always seems to keep the people wanting more.”

10. Hanfry Martinez – Hasta Luego Primo (La Vie En Rose)

“I have been playing this track for almost 2 years now and I gotta tell you, never fails to impress me. Lights up the club in so many ways, proper underground business.”

Sishi Rosch’s ‘Bad to the Bone’ EP is already available on Jackathon Records.

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