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Ahead of Miami Music Week next month, POPOF’s esteemed label FORM Music is to release a special EP showcasing some of the imprint’s most exciting talent entitled, ‘FORM Miami Sampler 2017’.

Since its formation in 2009, FORM Music has rapidly established itself as one of the most innovative and ambitious Dance labels, working alongside both established and new artists including Julian JeweilSébastien LégerAnimal & MeMendoPhilip BaderPetar DundovDJ FronterJay Lumen as well as offerings from the label’s head honcho himself.

Kicking off the five-track release is Audiosense’s ‘No Code’, featuring a gorgeous medley of elegant synths and other serene pad-tones. DJ Raid’s ‘Aural Dimension’ follows, a tougher, darker melodic Techno outing that perfectly leads into Mycron X & Rekorder’s, ‘Border Line’, again intelligently utilising delicate strings to contrast the tougher, bass-heavy elements of the six-minute number.

George Privatti & Aitor Ronda’s ‘Sioux’ sees the EP further intensify as the duo combine a tough Techno groove with an arpeggiated bassline and a ravey piano riff to great effect. Next up, the rolling Tech House number, ‘Give It To Me’, from Siwell & Vlada Asanin concludes the release, featuring funk-laden vocals layered over a pounding four-to-the-floor rhythm – a perfect way to close this excellent release.


  1. Audiosense – ‘No Code’ (Original Mix)
  2. DJ Raid – ‘Aural Dimension’ (Original Mix)
  3. Mycron X & Rekorder – ‘Border Line’ (Original Mix)
  4. George Privatti & Aitor Ronda – ‘Sioux’ (Original Mix)
  5. Siwell & Vlada Asanin – ‘Give It To Me’ (Original Mix)
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