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Hot off the back of a huge year, which saw successful releases on labels such as Second State and MOOD, Stephan Hinz drops his ‘Off Numbers’ EP on Carl Cox’s Intec. This will be his first solo release on the label (he collaborated with Philipp Ruhmhardt in 2015 for the EP ‘Magnet’).

Whether it’s an explosive live performance, or a vibrant DJ set, Stephan Hinz is a master at the controls; his background in making music for film and love for cinematics ever-present in his music.

The release opens with the mechanical rhythms of ‘Off Numbers’ which has a menacing sense of intent, offset by dark undertones to create a nervous tension and spark frenzied excitement. Brought to life by the rising tones of the grinding bassline and the looped melody, the hard hitting drums make this Techno monster perfect for dark rooms and sweaty dancefloors.

Track two titled ‘Shaded’ is all about the bassline which bellows out from the bottom end to engulf the track in its devastating forward momentum. Patient and purposeful, the structure unfolds with the help of shuffling percussion that clacks and clatters like chains striking concrete, whilst the sinister melody part creates an unsettling sense of exhilaration.

Release Date: January 27th, 2017


1. Off Numbers
2. Shaded

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