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After 5 years since his first release on Plano B Records, Portuguese producer Steve Menta is back with an amazing trilogy EP.

‘Isole’ brings some nice dark textures with break rhytms and hipnotizing melodies.

‘Part I’ flows with a mysterious melody that runs all over the track with a melancholic groove and a spacy ambience.

‘Part II’ is the arrival of a cold river into a vast musical ocean. Organic dub percussions mainly drive Part II together wth some smooth synth lines bringing lots of emotion to the track.

‘Part III’ leave us thirsty for more…. the main synth line sucks you in a deep progression with a minimalistic break beat drums on top.

Release Date: July 5th, 2017


1. Isole Part I
2. Isole Part II
3. Isole Part III

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