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Following on from four releases by label boss Okain, Talman Records this time turns its attention to a VA compilation that encapsulates all that’s great about the label right now. Entitled ‘Retro Future’, it sees Okain invite three of his favourite recent producers, each of whom serve up a tasty track of their own on this heavyweight release. A1 kicks off with Beste Modus/Certain Circles producer

A1 kicks off with Beste Modus/Certain Circles producer stevn.aint.leavn, who really delights on the most excellent ‘Previous’. “I’ve been following Stefan [aka stevn.aint.leavn] closely since the release of his track, ‘Precious’. For this record he provides ‘Motion’, a smashing house number that’s enlightened every dancefloor I’ve dropped it on” says Okain.

A2 comes at us courtesy of Alix Alvarez, a longtime underground hero of the New York scene. Alix delivers with aplomb on ‘No Chaser’, a deep, stripped back track of the type for which he’s renowned.

The second half of the release gets underway thanks to Canadian producer, Paolo Rocco, who himself is enjoying a stream of well-received releases for the likes of Taverna Tracks, Rutilance, Courtesy and Balance to name a few. ‘7284’ is another track that’s been making waves in Okain’s recent sets, making its inclusion here no real surprise.

Wrapping up the release is bossman Okain himself with ‘Belle Maison’, a deep jam he recorded a few months back featuring an engaging French vocal, some MPC beats and Fb-01 synths. Welcome to Retro Future Chapter One.

Release Date: September 25th, 2017


A1. stevn.aint.leavn – Motion
A2. Alix Alvarez – No Chaser
B1. Paolo Rocco – 7284
B2. Okain – Belle Maison

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