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Tantsui graces the Kindisch catalogue once again with their warm earthy blend of Tech-House. This time it’s a three track original EP titled ‘Planet of the Apes’.

Bringing a tactile feel to their atmosphere, they  open with the lounge-y vibe of the title track, utilizing an enchanting vocal arrangement to breathe even more life into the track. This isn’t a rare occurrence, all of the tracks share this quality.

The very next track, ‘Do the Best’ is an uneasy blend of dark synths and eerie vibes, stitched together with haunting vocals.

And finally ‘Be There’ closes the EP with a moody after hour special. Again here, the vocals play their own part in within the arrangement, lending a hand to the mellow synths and break-beat-y percussion.

These guys have once again created a beautiful piece of art and we are humbled to share it with you.

Release Date: November 11th, 2016


  1. Tantsui – Planet Of The Apes
  2. Tantsui – Do The Best
  3. Tantsui – Be There
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