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Tantsui shares their favorite tracks

TANTSUI is a duo coming out from Moscow, Russia. With their own musical vision they have created a very special and unique sound — charming, interesting, melodic, but still groovy and dancefloor-friendly.

They have performed at Moscow’s best venues (Troyka Multispace, Krysha Mira, Konstruktor, etc.) and recntly took the club residency at Heart Ibiza. Ahead of his new Kindisch ‘Planet of the Apes‘ EP we asked them to share some of his favorite tunes.

1. Grand Funk Railroad – Mean Mistreated (Capitol Records)

“Men song about love”

2. Beck – Walking Light (Capitol Records)

“Our favorite artist. We can listen to his songs on repeat any time of the day regardless of the mood, because he sets the mood.”

3. Kendrick Lamar feat. Jay Rock – Money Trees

“We love hip hop!”

4. Connie Stevens – Sixteen Reasons (Warner Bros Records)

“Love those 60’s vocals.”

5. Sampa The Great – Shake It Off

“Great band from Australia. Guys have interesting hip hop interpretations.”

6. Laurine Frost – Evil Meets The Blind Old Man (Take 1)(Nervmusic Records)

“This guy has a great groove! Amazing track, it’s something right up our alley.”

7. Loopdeville – Strangers In The Light (BP recs)

“Great track, great groove with monstrous rimshot!”

8. Monoplay – I Was (Poker Flat Recordings)

“Our good friend and colleague creates something very special and romantic – slow groove and perfect atmosphere.”

9. Mishel, A Lost.Act – Indian Meadow (Drumatiq Music)

“Young upcoming duo from Moscow with a great track for the body and the soul. Everybody on the dancefloor!”

10. DJ Koze – 40 Love

“When you could create music from anything you want.”

 Tantsui’s ‘Planet of the Apes’ will be available December 8th on Kindisch.

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