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Next up in the Inyan Music schedule is a freshly formed production team coming straight out of our beloved motherland – Tashi Luis & Garuda. Both new additions to our ever growing roster the two have been joining forces for their single ‘Vento’, which comes in its original version as well as with a little treatment from our imprint’s mastermind Mario Neha.

With the original cut of ‘Vento’ we see Tashi Luis & Garuda explore deep, organic and trance-inducing territories right from the start, combining floaty underwater atmospheres and spiralling synths with mysterious tribal chants as well as captivating bass works and spatial psychedelic effects for this year’s open air season. Dancing out in the woods under clear night skies is well-recommended for this one.

Furthermore Mario Neha’s Dusty Dance Remix of ‘Vento’ takes on a different angle and gravitates towards the darkest hours of the night with its raw and unsettling, slowly shifting synth drone and fever’ish tech house vibe that sees various haunting elements and background noises building up over time, accompanying the tune’s trademark vocals and slowly layering percussive bits and pieces.

Release Date: August 18th, 2017


1. Tashi Luis & Garuda – Vento (Original Mix)
2. Tashi Luis & Garuda – Vento (Mario Neha’s Dusty Dancer Remix)

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