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Sisters & Brothers is a new series of releases under hfn music, curated by Kasper Bjørke and Sexy Lazer. Sitting in one of their weekly steambath sessions, the two friends, DJs and studio collaborators came to the conclusion that instead of starting a label themselves, they should team up with an established imprint and focus on what they really like – making tracks and discovering great new music from their friends (hence Brothers & Sisters).

Refusing to be limited by genre, the two Copenhagen residents will be taking us on a journey all over the place – as evidenced with the first EP by their very own project: The Mansisters.

Vol.1 features six tracks in total, three of which are original tracks that have been more than a year in the making. Ranging from the late night space techno banger ‘Airplane Mode’, the mariachi horn infused political manifesto of ‘Imperialista’ feat. Arni – to the stoned highway arpeggio synth ‘n’ bongo house of ‘Acid Route 66’ – each is as unique as it is fresh.

Remixes come from a stellar array of producers, adding completely new takes on the original tracks. Christian S, much respected for his releases on Comeme, has transformed ‘Airplane Mode’ into a voodoo laced-dark and edgy technoid bomb – one for the true late night ravers. Whatever/Whatever (Bryan Mette and Justin Strauss) have previously remixed the likes of Stephan Eicher, Woolfy, Pollyester and Craft Spells, and here turn their considerable skills to another take on ‘Airplane Mode’.

They deliver a throbbing, disco-tinged rework full of percussion, arpeggiated melodies and bouncy disco synths – a real floor filler. Icelandic indie band Fufanu (signed to One Little Indian) also share a remix of ‘Imperialista’, highlighting the originals slow burning psychedelic properties, and teasing out even more shamanic vibes.

The release comes with exquisite artwork – hand drawn by Icelandic tattoo artist Ivar Østerby.

Release Date: February 10th, 2017


1. Imperialista (feat. Arni Vilhjalmsson)
2. Airplane Mode
3. Acid Route 66
4. Imperialista (Fufanu Revolution Remix feat. Arni Viljhalmsson)
5. Airplane Mode (Whatever/Whatever Remix)
6. Airplane Mode (Christian S Remix)

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