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Electronic Groove: Hi The Model. Thanks for the time to chat with us. Can you let us know about your musical background and how you became a DJ?

The Model: Well, I have a pretty diverse background, thanks to different people in my life. My father has a great collection of classical music, he taught me a lot, my sister is older than me, so when I was a little kid she introduced me to the 80’s sound, Depeche Mode, 80’s pop, everything related to the 80’s sounds. Then I started to listen to hip hop around 1990, I picked up Public Enemy’s ‘Fear of a Black Planet’ album, it blew my mind, then in 1994 my friend Aurelian started to hook me up with death-metal and doom tapes like Amorphis, Edge of Sanity, Entombed, Nocturnus, Elend. In 1994 was also my first contact with electronic music, so I listened to all these different things at the same time.

I started producing music in 2000, and then in 2005 I officially signed to Gigolo Records and Traum Schallplatten labels, so with all this exposure I started to think of it more seriously, gig requests were coming it, so DJing came very naturally.

EG: How would you define your musical concept?

The Model: I do a lot of different things. I did 80’s songs, Sci-Fi techno inspired by Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ books series.  At the moment I’m focusing on a very ‘warehouse’ sound with my label Adult Central, I also wrote a film-score for Chinese contemporary artist Yang Yongliang, so I like to reinvent myself, do a lot of different things, cover ground and grow.

As a DJ I also play different sounds, I like to give people a full body and soul dancing experience, I like to expose people to techno, Chicago, house, warehouse sounds, Italo disco, Balearic cuts, edits, also neo-trance occasionally.

So I would say it’s an “anything goes, don’t get stuck, don’t get pigeon-holed” concept.

EG: Tell us about your latest release ‘More UFO’s’ on Integrity Records. What was the inspiration on this one?

The Model: This EP has a very retro feel to it, I tried to connect some of the old-school stuff I grew up with our contemporary dancefloors. It’s a 3-track house and techno affair, ranging from full-on, prime-time techno beats in ‘House Machine’ to the Chicago and warehouse inspired ‘Rave Wave’. The title track is my idea of american house music, bridging the gap between old and new.

EG: How did you link with Eddie Niguel, label head of Integrity Records?

The Model: Eddie has been a great fan and supporter of my label, so he got in touch, we just started to talk and I was happy to see he is very cool, down to earth, genuinely interested in my sound, so that made me regard him as not just a fan, but a working partner.

EG: You also run your own imprint Adult Central, how many releases so far?

The Model: Well, I did 7 releases so far, 6 parts in my Warehouse Traxx series and a VA sampler with tracks from Brendon Moeller, myself and 2 Romanian acts, KASIM and Minus & Ion. I am starting a new techno series next year, so watch this space.

I am just pushing my own personal sound, tracks that are battle-tested at my gigs. I take my time developing each release, and it feels great to have people appreciate these records. Many DJ’s have played them, from Sven Vath and James Zabiela to Doc Martin and Jamie Jones.

EG: How was the summer season? Any special highlight worth mentioning?

The Model: To be honest, this has been my best summer yet. I have played all major festivals and parties in Romania, and the two highlights I should mention are opening the Cocoon Stage at Untold Festival for Sven and the gang, and the official 4 hour closing set at Electric Castle Festival, Unforgettable!

EG: What’s in the pipeline for The Model?

The Model: This new EP on Integrity will be out very very soon, I am happy to announce i have signed a 4-track EP to DJ Haus’ E-Beamz label, which will come out later this year, I have just recently put out 2 remixes on Foreign Language Recordings, and I am starting a brand new Bucharest Techno Traxx series on my own label Adult Central early next year.

Electronic Groove: Apart from dance music, what do you like to listen when you’re at home or relaxing?

The Model: I have a nice batch of records I stole from my father, with classical music, harp, flute, chamber music, so whenever the beats are too much, I get to these records and recharge my energy.

Release Date: September 13th, 2017


1. The Model – More UFOs
2. The Model – House Machine
3. The Model – Rave Wave

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