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A guy with a distinctive sound of his own, that’s fierce dark and hypnotic, Third Son won over a plenty of hearts and got a solid fanbase within the last 2 years. Hard work pays off and his releases on highly regarded labels such as Noir Music, Einmusika, Sincopat and Selador do prove that.

Now Henry Saiz’s imprint Natura Sonoris also welcomes the young producer to the family and announces Third Son’s debut EP ‘Aspirations’.

‘Aspirations’ is a EP with two intense and tough gems for those who just don’t walk around and either go hard or go home.

The title track is a solid yet meandering little number, creating deepness and tension throughout. It’s percussive rhythms bounce around a filthy bassline considerably making things moodier and darker. A proper club weapon for a late night action, really. The companion piece ‘Desert Of Song’ completes this intense trip, adding to its ascending bass and spiraling synths a lush middle-eastern vibe making it bound for many glorious dancefloor moments.

The UK artist delivered an impassioned package with two whirling and immersive originals that totally aspire to inspire. A fine debut release from the latest talk in town!

Release Date: November 25th, 2016


1.  Aspirations (Original Mix)
2. Desert Of Song (Original Mix)

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