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Tim Green shares some of his favorite tunes

Whether putting out reverberating minimal techno, smooth deep house,or sprinkling some of that unmistakable Tim Green charm over productions of popular appeal, his work is stamped by ingenuity, fearlessness and fun. This time Green shares some of his favourite tunes with us…


1. Cloud – Voltige (Exceptional Records)

An early Genius Of Time / Dorisbug track. I never get bored of this track, such a happy feel to it, yet also quite cold feeling from the melody. I like this contrast. But again its the simplicity of the song and how well its delivered that always inspires me. I still play this out all the time, never gets dated.

2. Stimming – Melodica (Green)

My favourite track from Martin. The groove, production and song idea are great in this. Ive always loved that he doesn’t sacrifice good ideas and melodies for the fact its dance floor music. He’s always able to keep it musical, intelligent and working on the dance floor. His production is second to none in my opinion.

3. Dj Koze – Burn with Me (Original Mix) (Pampa Records)

Although its hard to choose, I still think this is my favourite Koze song. The production is fantastic, such great groove too. The experimental side is what really inspires and influences me, and he still continues to push boundaries today.


4. Flying lotus – Gng Bng (Warp Records)

When I first heard this I wasn’t quite sure about what I was listening to, which was an amazing feeling. It was just so fresh and unique. Completely changed the way I look at music, and my views on what I previously thought were the boundaries in electronic music.

5. Trentemoller – Polar Shift (Poker Flat Recordings)

One of the first tunes that blew me away in the minimal scene. He completely changed everything. Again its all about the ideas and delivering them in a good way. He really changed a lot in the scene at the time, plus massively influenced me.

Other Genres

1. Braids – In Kind

One of my recent favourite groups. This was the first song that really got me hooked to them and still might be my favourite. Its got such a lovely personality to this song. The drums and production are amazing too. Its really all about those sick drums!

2. Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue

One of my favourite artists ever. A true cross over artist as well, multi talented and superb producer. This song was the first I heard from him, I was instantly hooked. It just sounds like I heard this song in my younger years in a dream or something.

3. The Dø – The Wicked and The Blind

The chorus in this track is incredible, so dramatic yet longing. The drums are so amazing, just listen closely and follow them with her vocal. It just pulses rhythmically so well. The strings are perfect too. Again this is such a good example of how to write a real song in my opinion. Everything working so well together with such a journey throughout the song.

4. Dirty Projectors – Temecula Sunrise

Such bold song writing and interesting ideas. Really recommend everyone listening to all of their music. I guess can be similar to Frank Zappa in a way with the experimental arrangements. But its not the same in my opinion, each are their own sound. Massively influenced by them and the way they write songs.

5. We Are Fine – Sharon Van Etten

Such real music here. I absolutely love all of her music, the whole Tramp album is such a strong album, a must listen. A true artist that writes and performs so incredibly well. Its a real influence to me about song structure, melodies, chord patterns and how to deliver a song so well.

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