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Dripping with a deep driving atmosphere, Tim Hanmann brings you ’25 Hours’, a journey into the KDB movement of pulsing rhythms and melodies.  Hailing from Krasnador, this Russian musical architect delivers yet another smashing hit to dance floors around the world.

Next on the release is the Parttern Drama remix,  a seasoned veteran, with little need for introduction, Pattern Drama fulfills the wishes of his vast audience of fans, by providing yet another magically-infused trip into rhythmic stratospheres with his take on ’25 Hours’.  His edit takes on a lighter side of the original, with melodically synthesized layers, and perfectly staged percussion, delivering a wonderful concoction true to KDB’s stellar roster of artists.

Hailing from the great state of Texas, Hands Free continues his impeccable production prowess with his remix of ’25 Hours’.  This technical take on the production is guaranteed to guide you through Hands Free’s world of spacey and atmospheres, packaged together in an alchemically perfect mixture of rhythm and talent continuing the ever-growing world of KDB sound.

Tara Brooks is no rookie to audiences the world over, and the Desert Hearts’ veteran continues her masterful wizardry of sound a take on ’25 Hours’ guaranteed to leave you wanting more.  She graces audiences with driving beats and melodic elemental sounds, known to audiences across the world’s dance floors, with this amazing edit for KDB.

Last track of the package comoes from Jamie Charles, he grabs your hand and prepares your flight during his remix of ’25 Hours’, and does not let go until your heart is fluttering from sheer excitement at the possibility for more from KDB.  Sorcery does not do justice to the space and atmosphere created by pulsating percussion and moving elementals known to fans accustomed to Jamie’s sound.  Join us for a trip into the far reaches of the universe, and into the world of KDB.

From KDB with Love!!!

Release Date: December 14th, 2016


01. Tim Hanmann – 25 Hours (Original Mix)
02. Tim Hanmann – 25 Hours (Pattern Drama Remix)
03. Tim Hanmann – 25 Hours (Hands Free Remix)
04. Tim Hanmann – 25 Hours (Tara Brooks Remix)
05. Tim Hanmann – 25 Hours (Jamie Charles Remix)

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