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We are big fans of surprises and coincidences. Events and occurrences that happen spontaneously. That’s why we try to release the music in the same fashion. This time we prepared a melodic house EP with a techy and slightly progressive feeling. The same kind of house sound that became well known and a bit overly used in the last couple of years. No hate, just love, but the facts are facts. Just in time to release one of those EPs before heading back to deeper & harder waters.

This time Timo Chinala produced the main track called Forgotten Realms that received two very different remixes by Zusammenklang and Evident. Original track sounds like a fluid mess of things which is constantly evolving through the track. The same as life. Constantly chasing something that seems just a bit out of reach. Maybe it is the time to wake up once more?

Remixes sounds much different than the original, but they keep the atmosphere and a specific flow that keep us going. And are the things that we are always chasing. Zusammenklang brought to life the remix that is based on subtle bass followed by uplifting synths which reach the peak in the second half of the track. Thank you Germany, you just never let us down. Evident put everything around and changed as much as possible. Chopped up synths, different drums, reversed the main lead and added vocals. Did we mention we are big fans of surprises?

Release Date: July 11th, 2016

1.  Forgotten Realms
2.  Forgotten Realms (Zusammenklang remix)
3.  Forgotten Realms (Evident ‘Together We Can’ remix)

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