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Nuta Cookier shares some of his most influential tracks

Sao Paulo producer, live performer and TV Host Nuta Cookier gives some music insights into his influences via a special youtube playlist.

Gaining notoriety from his frequent live studio streams, the Future Scope Recordings boss provides an eclectic playlist, also hot off the heels of his recent string of EP’s including ‘Saint Emerald Ship’ and ‘Magic Bell’.

1. Nalin and Kane – Open Your Eyes

“This music is something incredible. It’s complete, has amazing vocals, the harmony is perfect and the arrangement is outstanding”

2. Ecano-Run

“I love the way the music starts and the progression is awesome, hypnotic one”

3. Mauro Picotto & Ricardo Ferri – Taotek

“This is the type of music that makes everyone dance a lot..that pure techno sound. I also love their choice of sounds”

4. Emanuel Top –  Acid Phase

“Amazing acid beat with awesome melodies, the sound of the future and will never get old”

5. Kai Tracid – Too Many Times (Warmduscher Remix)

“Great lyrics and pure acid sound, powerful one!”

6. Dj Scot Project – Overdrive

“This music is just crazy, there are so many different things happening, acid in the beginning and after the big break there’s fantastic atmosphere”

7. Prodigy – Firestarter

“Crazy beats lyrics vocals and special style, very unique”

8. Josh Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness

“All I can all is perfect in this music vocals with vocoder acid and more acid, great grooves beats, amazing build up”

9. BBE-7 – Days and one week

“This is music you never get bored of, I love the sequencing of melodies”

10. Storm – Storm

“I love the simple, but growing elements throughout this track”

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