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Making a debut on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth this May, Uner joins forces with an exciting Italian duo Fideles, who have been making some waves with their melodic multi layered productions.

Uner is one of the most prominent names in the new generation of Spanish producers today. His sound displays his true passion for instrumental improvisation to deliver powerful, atmospheric, emotionally charged productions in the most elegant of ways. It seemed natural for him to collaborate with Fideles, as the duo have been classically trained since a young age, producing a very refined sound, complimenting each other’s productions.

This EP embodies everything we can expect from classically trained musicians. ‘Blade’ has two offerings, the original is an experimentally curated cut, with a modulating synth line and a booming sub kick.

The strings version, is a track full of grace. Harmonious melodies and beautiful orchestral symphonies swirl together creating a truly magical track, drenched in emotion.

Twisted vibrating bass and a synthesized vox slithers throughout ‘Dzyam’. Textural sound scapes break down the mix, before kicking into an array of tightly knit pads perpetuating the beat.

To round off the EP, ‘Havona’ has a low end groove yet a delicate enticing lead. All 4 tracks are crafted to perfection, showcasing both artists finesse and masterful implementation.

Release Date: May 12th, 2017


1. Uner & Fideles – Blade
2. Uner & Fideles – Blade (Strings Version)
3. Uner & Fideles – Dzyam
4. Uner & Fideles – Havona

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