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After a long 7 years in the waiting, Saved is happy to announce the much anticipated return of UNER with his latest EP ‘Night On Mars‘. Since making his debut on the label back in 2009, the Spaniard has lead a successful career riding through the ranks and this two track release reflects his unique style we have all come to know and love.

As ‘Night-Time Forest’ unfolds, the crisp percussion and beautifully sculpted textures intertwine in a classic Uner style, to mark his return to Saved Records. This 9-minute journey is a slow builder, teasing with soundscapes and synth patterns striking deep.

‘Sea Of Mars’ follows with a spacious creation of experimental synth work, held tightly together with a bellowing low-end kick and bass to rattle the dance floor. Spoken word echoes throughout the atmosphere in a dark yet comforting way that Uner does so elegantly.

Release Date: November 4th, 2016


1. UNER – Night Time Forest (Original Mix)
2. UNER – Sea Of Mars (Original Mix)

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