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This and That is a label dedicated to Techno and House music which is run by Davide Squillace, who as well as being one of the world’s leading DJ’s, is also an influential producer whose music can be found on No.19 Music, Hot Creations, Moon Harbour, Desolat, VIVa MUSiC, Minus and pretty much any other scene leading label you can think of.

Previous releases on This and That have included music from the likes of Carlo Lio, Riva Starr, Carl Cox, Lee Van Dowski, Guti, Re.You, Doorly plus Jesse Rose, and this new release welcomes AFFKT, Upercent and Eduardo De La Calle into the labels star studded family of artists.

Sincopat label boss AFFKT teams up with Upercent to collaborate on the original tracks, and Eduardo De La Calle provides the remix on this stunning release.

To many a fan of melodic House or Techno AFFKT needs no introduction, as along with releases on his own Sincopat label, his music has also featured on influential imprints including Kling Klong, Bedrock, Mobilee and Suara.

Upercent boasts previous releases on Amam, Snatch! Records, Moda Black plus Suruba, and met AFFKT after a number of releases on Sincopat. Both based in Spain, the pair formed a close friendship and it wasn’t long before they agreed to collaborate on some music, to which this EP is the result.

Adding to this already action packed release is Eduardo De La Calle who is an eclectic producer respected for making both House and Techno for labels including Cadenza, Dynamic Reflection, Mule Musiq plus his own label Analog Solutions.

With all involved in this release having an almost endless list of prestigious achievements, this melodic release which fuses dark tension with intricate beauty and a medley of textures, shows no one involved is yet to peak.

Well sculpted from start to finish, each track is flawlessly programmed and everything down to Haptic‘s stunning vocal work on the lead track titled ‘La Bruixa’ is perfection personified in sound.

Release Date: December 9th, 2016


01. La Bruixa (Feat. Haptic)
02. La Bruixa (Feat. Haptic) (Eduardo De La Calle Afrofuture Remix)
03. Voler Volar
04. Fantasmeta

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