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Coming straight from the Spanish underground is the Valencia-based producer known under the name of Upercent which is the newest member of the Upon.You Records family.

Backed by a history including releases and remixes on labels like  Sincopat, Suruba and Moda Black since he made his first appearance on the production circuit in 2013 this young and hungry artist is more than just a diamond in the rough and his Penumbra EP is surely aiming directly at the heart of the dancefloor.

The opener ‘Gent Dement’ draws all punters attention due to the use of a unique, slightly metallic drum foundation that’s perfectly fused with score-like atmospheres of Morricone’esque qualities, projecting pictures of desolate, abandoned council estates onto our inner minds screen even before the male vocals fully endorse this track as the starting point of a dystopian, futuristic amalgamation of TechHouse and Inner City Blues.

With ‘El Tornejant’ the Spaniard unveils the dreamier, more melodic side of his work catering an ever floating, oneiric scheme later accompanied by resolute, well-muscular drums, spiralling synths and damp, eerie, mystical sonic mists that are taking us to the
very core of ancient ritualisms.

Following up is ‘Gent Toxina’, another deep TechHouse tune for the small hours. Weighing in melodic, yet again mystic, haunting synth works on the lower end of the sonic spectrum, crystalline abstractions and even a playful, uplifting flute motif this tune unfolds its inherent magic best if rolled out over the full playtime of a little less than 7 minutes.

Finally we see ‘Penumbra’, the title track of this EP, presenting a perfect balance of dark’ish tension, soft,romantic piano chords and a melancholia-inducing hint of Jazz Noir, mixing these influences up with a little bit of a DeepHouse and expertly cut vocals vibe to create a sweet tune to dance away to on a warm, yet rainy sunday afternoon.

Release Date: November 21st, 2016


1. Upercent – Gent Dement
2. Upercent – El Tornejant
3. Upercent – Gent Toxina
4. Upercent – Penumbra

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