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Mystery is such an important part of music. It’s why only the handsomest male DJs declined to wear a mask between 2012 and 2015. When we work with an artist for the first time at Turbo, we are immediately torn between wanting to know everything about them and letting our childlike imaginations fill in the blanks.

It is well within our means to hire a team of private investigators to find out things like that he’s originally from Burlington Vermont, and that his tracks have been played by the likes of Danny Daze, Dense & Pika, Brodinski, and Tiga (this is, in fact, how Tiga usually finds out what tracks he’s been playing). These investigators would ideally be well-versed enough in dance music to describe his sound as “cerebral,” “hypnotic,” and “dystopian,” but this would deprive us of the joy of thumbing through our dog-eared copy of the Twin Turbo Techno Thesaurus, a robust four-page tome that allows us to create promoscapes so vivid the music itself becomes almost completely irrelevant.

The point is that we’d like to think Vakkuum could be any one of you. That his raw, pumpin’ sound could be your raw, pumpin’ sound. The world is a far more magical place when you have absolutely no idea who you’re talking to.

Release Date: September 8th, 2017


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