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Van Did’s album ‘Avenir’ is a unique story, and 8day has been looking for some of the best producers to get this remixes done.

Danito & Athina kick off the EP with a brilliant remix of ‘Avenir’, the Cologne based couple has been driving a lot of attention with top-notch productions and releases on Stil Vor Talent, Click, Crossfrontier Audio, Jannowitz, and more.

Next up is a remix by UV taking things to a different tone, with a groovy and uplifting remix. This Mexican duo project is the result of Vazik and 2UP’s collaboration. Victor aka Vazik is one the mans behind Sounds Of Earth and alongside Odiseo/UP they’ve been playing and touring Mexico for over a decade.

Remcord remix follows next, this young producer based in Paris keeps captivating our ears with his elegant touch in every production and uplifting music released on labels such as Atmosphere Records or Sweet Melodic. There’s a lot yet to come for the Parisian rising talent we believe many will be playing his productions, it’s a matter of time.

French rising star fellow Anthony Godwin aka THe WHite SHadow also revisits the album and deliver a solid remix of ‘Laternura’. THe WHite Shadow’s future seems bright, with a number of releases on labels such Click, Sincopat, Nagual, Natura Sonoris and Global Underground to name a few.

Release Date: June 27th, 2017


1. Van Did – Avenir (Danito & Athina Remix)
2. Van Did – Avenir (UV Remix)
3. Van Did – Nijko (Original Mix)
4. Van Did – Laternura (Original Mix)

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