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South American producer V-Cious releases his first Vinyl solo EP . Three masterpieces of cutting-edge electronic techno music done in a way that reflects very well-structured and characteristic rhythms.

‘Lost Words’ is an album that encompasses several musical styles in a unique and particular combination of the artist based in Quito Ecuador. Is a mixture of melodies with minimalistic sounds that create a unique atmosphere composed of analog instruments. ‘Lost Words’ represents what we can not say with words. Emotions and ways of seeing life, give a more spiritual approach to the album that contains hypnotic synths and melodies that will take you on a journey.

Influenced by native songs ,V-Cious created his electronic brand giving a broad touch to what music represents in human culture and how this influence in their environment wherever they are. ‘Lost Words’ EP will be available by the renowned German label Resopal Schalware and released on 12″ vinyl. The label released eps from artists like Shonky, Tigerskin, Lula Circus, Gus Gus, Gaiser, Florian Meindl, Piemont, Dvide Squillace, Ilario Alicante, Lopazz, Anthony Collins, Barem, Basti Grub among others.

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A1. No Way Back
A2. Lost Words
B. Paradigm

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