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* Victor Calderone & Nicole Moudaber will play a special B2B set at the opening of Sasha & Digweed’s ‘Resistance Ibiza’ party on 25th July @ Privilege, Ibiza. 

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The journey continues… Victor Calderone and Nicole Moudaber’s creative collaborations develop from the DJ booth and studio as Victor makes his debut on Nicole’s MOOD. Following major outings on Intec and Drumcode in recent years, he returns with three more dynamic techno compositions tailored specifically for the later night deep mix sessions. And if that’s not enough, the package also includes an exceptional remix from Ray Kajioka.

‘Parallel’ instantly hits with dubby reflective synth insistency. But the deeper you dive, the more you realise how much groove the drums carry as they switch and skip along with unrelenting pressure. The groove is extended by one of Germany’s most respected longstanding pioneers Ray Kajioka who re-textures the riff with much more of a darker, grittier sound and thicker, grainier drums to incredible effect.

Deeper we dive again for two more examples of Victor’s creative dexterity and sonic scope: ‘The Difference’ is a rolling workout that ignites with a deep smouldering aesthetic before gradually adding layers of atmospheric pressure, percussive hypnosis and subtle cosmic touches while ‘Zenith’ shows Calderone at his most cinematic… What begins as a classic foggy midnight graveyard stroll suddenly turns into something much more sparse, spiky and full suspense.

A dramatic way to end a far-reaching, full-vision EP. The journey doesn’t stop here.

Release Date: July 21st, 2017


1. Parallel
2. Parallel (Ray Kajioka Remix)
3. The Difference
4. Zenith

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