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Days are disappearing and nights are taking over. We witness a burst of colour just before it clears space for the bright white blanket. And this new season brings another Amselcom release.

Sweden’s Victor Norman is guided by the signs of the times in his extraordinary track ‘Hymn’. He gently unites depth and gloom with fragile melancholy to form a moving and sensual track.

Bernstein and ‘Birds of Mind’ attend to the original, each concentrating on a different characteristic. While the former adds drive to underline the verve of the tune, the French duo intensifies the melodic and frisky side of the track.

To round off the release, Victor teams up with slowmo specialist Harro Triptrap in a hot turn. ‘Mimikry’ first appears to be a peaceful creature, but its rogue character eventually shows itself.

Winter treats us to storms and nights of fire. And these feelings are captured by the illustrator Xiao Yang, adding the perfect optical surrounding to the release.

Release Date: December 23rd, 2016


01. Hymn
02. Hymn (Bernstein Remix)
03. Hymn (Birds Of Mind Remix)
04. Mimikry (feat. Harro Triptrap)

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