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VONDA7 shares her favorite tracks

VONDA7 is a producer who accomplishes that weird postmodern trick of making music that is so rooted in a specific time and place it induces sensory throwback for events you weren’t even around for. As it turns out, this is good solid Techno one can imagine from many halcyon nights of yore, yet it also sounds so current.

With past releases on Lost & Found, Einmusika and Selected Records we asked her to pick some of her favorite tunes aligned to the release of her latest EP, ‘Beatiful Loneliness’ on Carioca Records.

1. The Knife – Silent Shout (Rabid Records)

“I just love this track. The vocals and lyrics are amazing, the arpeggios powerful and the beat strong. It’s been haunting me ever since I heard it, I like listening to at home as well as in the club and I never got bored of it. I still play it in my sets and I also made a small edit of it. It really makes me feel something. It’s hard to believe it was released 10 years ago, it sounds so contemporary to me.”

2. Guy Gerber – Timing (Cocoon Recordings)

“This track is such a journey. Love the beat it’s so driving, the mechanical sound of that quick highat is really good. All the little hypnotic melodies appearing in the background are just amazing and the main lead melody line makes you feel as if you’d just travelled in space and time.”

3. Cobblestone Jazz – India in Me (Wagon Repair)

“This track is also a great journey track, it’s developing slowly but surely with small snippets changing and very sexy baseline going through the whole track. I still like it so much.”

4. Herbert – The Audience vs Jamie Lidell & Mysterious Szizlas (Music No Last)

“I have been a huge fan of both Matthew Herbert & Jamie Lidell, especially around this time. It was hard to choose just one Herbert’s or Lidell’s track so I chose the one they did together. Jamie’s voice is just incredible and Matthew Herbert is one of the most interesting producers out there.”

5. Ben Sims – The Afterparty (Drumcode)

“I love the combination of raw driving drums with the hypnotic soft melody. It’s almost as if masculine and feminine energy came together, as night and day, perfect mix.”

6. Emmanuel – Entroterra (Arts Collective)

“This track is fairly recent but gives me similar feeling to the one of Ben Sims above.”

7. Sebastien Tellier – La Ritournelle (Lucky Number)

“I listen to a lot of different styles of music when I am home. This is just beautiful crossover. Great rhythmic drums and almost classical, cinematic melodies. The built up is incredible and when the soft vocal of Tellier comes in, I feel something very strong inside. Every time.”

8. Dubtribesound System – Do It Now (Defected)

“This track with its build up and soft vocals gives me the similar feeling as La Ritounelle. It also reminds me of my best friend from back home.”

9. Steve Rachmad – Disturbance (Drumcode Limited)

“When I heard this track for the first time in Berghain I just had to know what it is. It sounds so good in the club as well as at home. I love the tension.”

 10. Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge – Lost in a Moment (Dixon Rework)(Innervisions)

“I felt like this track started some new era in music and it was wonderful to play and to listen at the time. Very hypnotic and beautiful.”

VONDA7‘s ‘Beatiful Loneliness’ EP is already available on Carioca Records.

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