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Get behind the wheel with Montreal-based dance duo Vosper for a journey of analog malevolence. Drive anywhere, do what you want, they don’t care—as long as you get a little self-reflective the way *Depeche Mode* would have wanted you to. The dark techno track is a speeding adventure from 1980s Britain straight to 21st century years with an ominous attitude that just might have listeners preferring the passenger side.

Vosper consists of  Edouard Le and Christopher Byron. With influences ranging from Detroit legends James Stinson and Gerald Donald to UK pioneers Mark Bell and Alan Wilder, the two mine the darker interstices between techno and vintage EBM to create their own inspired strain. Their passion for the gear-oriented process and the darker recesses of new wave has placed them at the forefront of a vital hybrid sound quickly outstripping the limits of its influences.

Release Date: December 16th, 2016


01. Vosper – Behind The Wheel (Original Mix)
02. Vosper – Behind The Wheel (Dub Version)
03. Vosper – Behind The Wheel (Acapella)

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