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Jakob Seidensticker, Florian Schirmacher and Henrik Raabe, otherwise known as Wareika, have been producing mesmerizing and hypnotizing dance music together since 2008. Born out of studio jams that overflowed with creative ideas and energy, Wareika were soon coaxing up the magic for labels like Eskimo Recordings, Connaisseur and Circus Company. Full-­‐length albums for Perlon, Tartelet and Visionquest have further cemented their reputation as purveyors of sophisticated and epically long house music creations.

‘Highlife’ perfectly encapsulates the Wareika ethos; rumbling live percussion over a soft yet direct kick drum, spacey guitar riffs gliding over a steady bassline whilst analogue noise and squelching effects play around the keys, each element being allowed the space to stretch out over the track’s tantric-­‐like 14 minutes. Cristi Cons, the Romanian DJ and producer, responsible for stellar releases on imprints like Meander and Serialism, provides the remix here. The influence of the legendary American
cellist and composer, Arthur Russell, looms in the mix here as Cristi  further unfolds the original version and serves up a spacious dub mix.

‘Strictly Business’ continues the dub theme, produced in collaboration with George Boronas; the Greek born, Hamburg based DJ/producer. Micro snare rolls, tape edits, space echo and found sounds all spliced together over a solid groove for a playful and unique track that pushes the envelopes of modern dub house music.

Closing track, ‘Watching The Stars’, is another collaboration, this time with Song Zhi Qi, a passionate DJ and promoter from Beijing who has connected with the Wareika guys many times after booking them to play his Shadow Play Festival. The resulting production is an introverted, lo-fi jam, the soft hand percussion keeping a steady pace whilst the cinematic sweeps of brass, guitar and other instrumentation get the full delay treatment to tantalizing effect!

Release Date: August 25th, 2017


1. Wareika -­ Highlife (Original Mix)
2. Wareika -­ Highlife (Cristi Cons Remix)
3. Wareika & Boronas – Strictly Business
4. Wareika & Song Zhi Qi -­ Watching The Stars

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