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2020 Vision Recordings  welcomes Whitesquare back to the label for his third outing on 20/20 Vision, this time with his most diverse EP to date – Diffraction EP.

Having made big waves last year with killer tracks such as ‘Someone Else’, ‘Can’t Change’ and ‘Daylight’, the Rome native carved out a niche for himself as a melodic specialist, whilst also a master of the groove.

Diffraction EP shows a more varied side to his prolific output, with lead track ‘Folded Reality’ more suited to the sun-filled terraces of Summer rather than the dark nightclubs of Winter. ‘Stills’ and ‘Moving Up’ return us to familiar Whitesquare territory with epic melodics and dubbed out techno taking things straight to the club. We finish back in the sun with ‘Chase’, a grooving cut filled with vocal samples, off-kilter bass and light piano stabs.

Release Date: June 6th, 2016


1. Folded Reality
2. Stills
3. Moving Up
4. Chase

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