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Since his SCI+TEC debut, ’This And That’, back in 2014, we’ve seen Offenbach’s Wigbert flourish and develop into one of the most exciting young producers of today. With a talent for exploring fresh tangents and textures of sound, the German has become a creative conductor among his fellow minimal mercenaries. Having rocked the recent SCI+TEC 10 showcase in Beirut alongside label boss Dubfire and fresh from the release of his fantastic remix of Gregor Tresher’s ‘Quiet Distortion’, Wigbert now unveils his excellent new ‘Rain Shower’ EP.

The title track showcases, to perfection, the power of ‘less is more’. Single note bass stabs and bouncing droplets create a feeling of expanse, as synth chords wash through in intense waves, building to a cloudburst crescendo.

Adopting a similar albeit more powerful bounce, Wigbert propels us with washes of sound and rabid snares as we take flight on ‘Airplane’, before he closes out the release with the powerful synth driven monster that is ‘Weird Chords’. Not so odd, but incredibly effective and yet another SCI+TEC stunner.

Release Date: May 19th, 2017


1. Rain Shower
2. Airplane
3. Weird Chords

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