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Night Noise continues to mark itself out as an essential label with a fresh EP from Yarni, a Sheffield, UK based producer who gets remixed in great style by two of Night Noise’s favourite producers.

After years of drumming in bands and DJing Yarni discovered his real passion for electronica in all it’s forms and set about building a studio. Once built he spent the next 2 years learning his craft and released his first EP ‘Gloria’ in 2014. A further seven EP’s have followed on labels such as Alkalino’s Audaz and Berlin based ‘Redlight’.

Finally settling on a style all of his own Yarni set about writing a debut album ‘Entkommen’, The album explores his interest in the juxtaposition between the natural and the man made. And represents a huge development in his sound.

The two tracks on this EP ‘Waterfalls’ and ’28 Days Of It’ are both taken from ‘Entkommen’ which will be out on Night Noise in May. In addition to the originals we have drafted in two of our favourite producers to add their own unique touches to the tracks. Long term Night Noise collaborator Ulex and the always excellent Tuff City Kid Lauer.

Release Date: March 20th, 2017


1. Waterfalls
2. 28 Days Of It
3. Waterfalls (Ulex remix)
4. 28 Days Of It (Lauer Remix)

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