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YokoO and Retza share their passion to bring the ‘Pachamama’ EP to Kindisch. The Frenchman and the Melbourne native bring together their views from opposite sides of the planet to create a beautiful 3-track EP.

The title track creeps up slowly from within the organic percussions, slowly rising to the sky where it captures our bodies and souls with its subtle elegance.   ‘Alexithymia’ weaves a tech-house ambience with crisp percussion and a low bass bump before diving into a kind of cinematic darkness at the break, only to return more powerful than ever. YokoO’s revisit tells the tale from a more percussive perspective, pondering particulars per passion while preserving the powerful presence of the previous.

With a heavier focus on groove, YokoO opens the track for more special moments.

Release Date: August 25th, 2017


1. Pachamama
2. Alexithymia

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