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Patrice Baumel shares some of his favorite tracks

We asked Patrice Baumel if he could share some of some his favorite electronic and non-electronic tracks. Here’s the selection.


1. Andy Stott – Luxury Problems

Hearing this track instantly changed my mind about slow techno music forever. At the same time seeing Andy, traditionally know for his dub techno, reinvent himself in such a convincing way showed me that there are no excuses in an artist’s career for not constantly progressing and improving, it can be done!

2. Max Cooper – Automnemonic

I am artistically totally uninterested in any disco, Chicago, Detroit or other old-school revival. On the other hand, nothing excites me more than hearing something I have never heard before. “Automnemonic” ticks this box in the most convincing of ways – utter machine music from outer space.

3. Kangding Ray – Mojave

I consider Raster Noton to be the most innovative electronic music label of the last 10 years by far. The way cutting edge music, visuals and artwork are tied together to an all-encompassing concept just blows my mind. Every album has a fresh sonic signature and is completely stripped of unnecessary sonic decoration, it is minimalism at its finest. Kangding Ray and Emptyset are my favorite artists on the label, this music is so monolithic and massive, like glaciers slowly grinding their way down a huge mountain.

4. Jon Hopkins – Light Through The Veins

This is a wonderful combination of emotional bliss and light-footed musical intelligence. The feeling of euphoria is a core ingredient of dance music. This beautiful track delivers it by the bucketload.

5. Groove Armada – History

I am a sucker for well written pop music. Every time I hear this song it makes me feel like falling in love. The best home party track for dancing on the table, high on life.

Other Genres Selection

1. Simon Scott – Honeymoon

My wife and I were cruising through the sun drenched streets of L.A. in our Ford Mustang convertible, just days after getting married in Las Vegas. This was our aptly named soundtrack – our very own “Hotel California”. This takes me back to that happy place every time I hear it.

2. Port St. Willow – Tourist

It amazes me that this artist isn’t better known; his whole album “Holiday” takes you from one endorphin-rush to the next. The perfect Friday night soundtrack to wind down from a long week and replenish the soul for another big weekend ahead.

3. Sylvain Chauveau – Tofukuji

I am a strong believer in the less-is-more approach when music is concerned. Sylvain’s amazing voice is totally enough to carry this outlandish collage of sounds. Check his whole body of work, including a great album with Depeche Mode covers.

4. Eefje de Visser – Ongeveer

This is Holland’s finest. Amazing voice, amazing timing and all clad in a beautifully restraint and modern production. She is sticking to her mother language, otherwise nobody would be talking about Adele anymore. Also check her latest single “Scheef”.

5. Cliff Martinez – Goodnight Nurse Elkins

Some of the most inspiring music right now is happening in the field of soundtracks. Cliff is the master of the genre and his otherworldly, cutting edge soundtrack to the 19th century period piece series “The Knick” is the best way to illustrate the power of juxtaposition.

Thanks for sharing some amazing and inspiring tunes Patrice!

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