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Harry Romero shares 5 tracks that have influenced his music production career

Harry Romero is one of the finest and most accomplished producers in electronic music, a serious beat maker like few others. His legendary tracks ‘Cro-Magnon’, ‘Erectus’, ‘Tania’, ‘Night At the Black’, ‘Beats Vol 1 & 2’ and As MongoBonix ‘Mas Pito’, never leave the playlists of serious house music DJ’s, all standing the test of time, sounding as good and as fresh now as they did nearly ten years ago. Now he’s still constantly looking to expand his musical range.

Harry Romero just released a new EP, ‘Afro Horn’ on Rebellion. Today he shares 5 tracks that have influenced his music production career.

1. KC Flight – ‘Voices’

“This song was all about the slow build up and sweaty groove. I say that now, but back in the day it was really just about dancing. This track made me dance, plain and simple!”

2. Adonis – ‘No Way Back’

“I always say this, I’m born and raised in New Jersey, but a big chunk of my influence is Chicago. They are the innovators and this track has stuck with me throughout the years. It’s 100% timeless”.

3. Kenlou – ‘The Bounce’

“Besides the infectious groove, what really struck me is all the ear candy that comes in and out of this production. Take a close listen and you’ll hear that some things only happen once or twice. Super dope”.

4. Starship – ‘We Built This City’

“Pretty odd, I know, but I vividly remember hearing this on the radio in my mom’s car as a kid and that’s the very first time I said to myself, “the quality of this record sounds amazing!” It pretty much opened my ears to listening as opposed to hearing”.

5. Joey Beltram – ‘Energy Flash’

“This came out in NYC’s heyday and I can still picture how this devastated the dance floors all across Manhattan. This was something to experience and sure am glad I witnessed this first hand. And if the light guy was on point that night then it really was ecstasy”.

Harry Romero’s Afro Horn’ is now available on Rebellion. Buy/Stream here.

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