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Vinyl Speed Adjust shares their favorite Minimal Romanian tracks

Amid Romania’s burgeoning electronic music scene, Vinyl Speed Adjust are fast becoming recognised as two of the country finest future exports. Hailing from the capital Bucharest, their innovative sound epitomizes the phrase “let the music do the talking”, and can best be described as experimental, percussive and innately intelligent.

Having support from influential artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Rhadoo and Raresh, Luciano, Ryan Crosson and Valentino Kanzyani, the duo have just released a new EP‘Retro’ on Visionquest Records. For the special occasion we asked them to share some of their favorite minimal romanian tracks.

1. Cristi Cons – Anatrack (Meander Music)

“We really love the energy of this track. The rhythmic grooves make it impossible not to let yourself dance to the beat.”

2. SIT- Angels (Amphia)

“Amazing melody, which compliment the track’s graceful name. Always a hit whenever we play this, and guaranteed to rock the dancefloor every time.”

3. Suciu – Dusintors (Pressure Traxx)

“The dark and acid bassline gets us on this one. Not for the faint hearted.”

4. Barac – Moment of Clarity (Moment Records)

“Barac is a close friend of ours, and of course an inspiration. This record really does have it all, and exemplifies the quality of productions emanating from Romania in recent times.”

5. Petre Inspirescu – Dictatorial

“We love the attention to detail on this track. It has everything, and really does allow you to dictate the dance floor whenever it comes out the record bag. Massive respect for the [arpiar] front man.”

6. Zefzeed – Lush (Vlad Caia Remix)(Naural)

“Arguably one of our favourite remixes in recent years. Vlad Caia will never let you down with the sheer quality of everything he touches.”

7. Arapu – Arese (Memorial)

“The way the groove and constant rhythm complements its powerful bass line, is what attracts us to this composition from our good friend Arapu. Rarely leave for a gig without this one in the record bag.”

8. Priku – De Bun Augur (MIDI Romania)

“We’re big fans of Priku and his dubby take on Romanian techno. This track is a perfect example of what he can do.”

9. Cezar – fri911 (Understand)

“Cezar takes you on a melodic trip with this one. Definitely a favourite for anyone who loves their percussive sounds.”

‘Retro’ EP is already available on Visionquest Records.

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